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US 20140224242 A1

CA 2899733 A1 

PolarHeat® is a small, lightweight, portable heater that uses the carbon dioxide in your breath to create long-lasting heat. The PolarHeat system has zero harmful exhaust or smells. Unlike stoves and fuel heaters, PolarHeat can be used in a tent, sleeping bag, car, and other closed spaces without risk of affixation.

One of the greatest attributes of the PolarHeat system is that it is 100% environmentally friendly. Perhaps even considered an “Environmentally Positive Product’. Instead of littering empty fuel canisters in our parks and mountains, throwing acidic batteries into our dumps or emitting more greenhouse gases into our air, users of PolarHeat leave biodegradable seashells behind. When setting the design requirement of 100% environmentally friendly, we not only achieved it – we established a new standard in which no other product comes close!

Heat is produced on demand, when needed by simply breathing into the PolarHeat system until you are warm enough. Once you’ve achieved that self-desired level of warmth, you simply stop breathing into the system and fuel consumption stops. Additional benefits of PolarHeat include:

100% Environmentally Friendly.

Emits zero harmful exhaust, fumes or smells making it ideal for hunters and military application.

Usable in a tent, sleeping bag, car, automobile without risk of affixation.

Fits comfortably in a backpack, cargo pocket, jacket, purse, tackle box, or glove compartment.

Remaining or unused granules can be stored for use up to five years later.

Weight and size of the heater make it ideal for most all cold-weather activities.

Allows Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Military personnel to operate longer and more safely.

Increases the survivability during emergencies by giving rescuers additional time.

Provides heat while stationary. Perfect for hunters and ice fisherman.

Reduces the load weight and saves energy for backpackers, hikers, and mountaineers.

Allows construction workers are able to work more comfortably and safely in cold.

Offers hundreds of normal, everyday outdoor uses.


    Ice Fishing




Warmth is only a breath away!

Thermal Performance

With a normal exhale, water vapor is removed and the air is directed into the PolarHeat’s canister and turned into heat. That heat is circulated in the space between your body and jacket at a flow rate equal to your exhale. This creates a warm microclimate around the body’s core. This microclimate prevents your body’s core temperature from dropping to dangerous levels in extreme cold. Even, when you are stationary. Your body requires less physiological demands such as shivering, constricting of blood vessels in extremities, and energy consumption when using PolarHeat. Rather than your body working to maintain warmth, especially challenging in stationary positions, the PolarHeat system keeps your body’s core warm.

How PolarHeat Works

Duration and Temperature Data


    Sports Events

    Car Emergencies

    Snowboarding / Skiing

    Search and Rescue


    Postal Carriers

    Law Enforcement


    Daily Activities